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CSD Attends Junior NAD Conference

The Junior NAD Conference was held in Austin, Texas at the Texas School for the Deaf, Nov. 4-7.  Over 93 students from 31 different schools participated along with 43 staff.  Eight presenters enriched the students with the stories of their professional experiences. 

CSD of Texas’ Kent Kennedy presented on his experiences between the Texas Association for the Deaf (TAD) and National Association of the Deaf (NAD).   Sharing the TAD accomplishments we had during 1991-1995 and NAD accomplishments during 1998-2003. The challenges Kennedy highlighted were a lack of interpreters, over 100,000 people on Social Security Insurance, closing of deaf schools and the impact of cochlear implants.

“I enjoyed presenting at the workshop. I would do it again in the near future, because we need to keep carrying our deaf heritage to them,” said Kennedy. “These are our future deaf leaders.  They are all precious to us.”

Kennedy also noted that being involved in organizations like TAD and the NAD are real-life experiences, and not something you can take a course on. He said being around human beings helps develop respect for others as well.

CSD of Minnesota Thankful for Their Volunteers

CSD of Minnesota LOVES its volunteers!  There are so many stories to be shared from the kindness shown by the community’s support in Minnesota.

Dann Trainer continues to provide support and advocacy to our HIV/AIDS program and other causes.  Migdalia Rogers advocates for our deaf victims in court, at shelters and meets them to provide the support they deserve. Krissy Cinealis, Aaron Cucci, Elise Knopf, Tarra Grammenos, Amanda Lee Genaro, Denise Anderson, Del Anderson, April Gardner, Cici and Genna jump on board for projects that need to be completed to fundraise for CSD’s human services.

Interns, interpreters, and ASL programs have amazing students (too many to name) that will come into the office and support us with little projects. Minnesota is lucky to have the community and commitment of its volunteers; without them, we would not accomplish the work needed to serve and support our programs.

Thank you Minnesota!

CSD Interpreting Online Redefining Access for Deaf Consumers

CSD Interpreting Online, or CSDIO, continues to pave new roads of access for deaf and hard of hearing consumers who either need last-minute interpreters, live in remote or rural areas where interpreters are not quickly available, or who prefer the reliability of scheduling a consistent dedicated interpreter each appointment.

CSDIO allow deaf and hard of hearing people in same room to communicate through an interpreter at distant location via video.

CSDIO offers many positive options over the video relay service (VRS). For instance, using VRS, the consumer will not be able to choose an interpreter; they are designated with the first available in the call queue. “Consumers love the ability to consistently gain access to a highly qualified interpreter who is familiar with their specific ‘lingo” within their profession,” said Mark Seeger, CSDIO director. “Being able to match the gender is also a huge advantage.”

CSD has partnered with Safenet Services in Oklahoma to set up CSDIO for deaf and hard of hearing clients who use their domestic shelter, and CSDIO is also used by global corporations like IBM. For more information about CSDIO, go to