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CSD of Oklahoma Hosts Domestic Violence Project

CSD of Oklahoma, along with Battle Creek Church and host Lisa McDonald, held a Deaf Living Room project for deaf or hard of hearing ladies. The potluck event started off with chicken fajitas, provided by CSD of Oklahoma, while other attendees brought other dishes to share.


The consumers gathered to watch an ASL movie called “Till Domestic Violence Do Us Part,” by Mosedux ( After the movie, the participants shared their experiences with domestic violence. This helps the women recognize that they are not the only one who had experience or is currently experiencing domestic violence.


Oklahoma is currently ranked fourth in the nation on domestic violence.


CSD believes education and providing awareness on domestic violence. CSD’s goal is to eliminate the communication barriers in the deaf and hard of hearing community, making domestic violence services more accessible. If you need assistance please call the National Domestic Hotline 1-800-799-7233 Voice or 1-800-787-3224.

Tobacco Prevention and Awareness for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Reaches People Nationally

CSD’s Tobacco Prevention and Awareness for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (TPADHH) program, was invited to attend and present at the National Conference on Tobacco and Health to give what is believed to be the first national level presentation regarding tobacco control among the deaf and hard of hearing.


On June 13, TPADHH partnered with Latricia Morgan and Malinda Douglas of the Oklahoma State Department of Health and Sharon Baker, program evaluator from the University of Tulsa.  The TPADHH presentor was Jimmy Mitchell, who is CSD’s program specialist. The audience was made up of mostly tobacco control workers from all over the United States and also was made up of several hot line providers seeking to establish a point to point video Quitline for the deaf and hard of hearing.  The presentation basically taught the participants the dynamics of deaf culture and how to handle deaf or hard of hearing clients when they are faced with helping them with their tobacco addiction.  For more information on the TPADHH program, visit the Web site

CSD Provides Interpreting Online at National Conferences

CSDIO has signed on to sponsor several national and statewide conferences through the provision of video remote interpreting services, which is called CSD Interpreting Online, or CSDIO. 


CSDIO has supported ADARA, TAD, and the MADC with great success, and we look forward to supporting many more events of this type as we continue to introduce this service across the nation.


Heading up the CSDIO sales effort is Roy Trafalski. He can be contacted at  If your organization is interested in a CSDIO demonstration, he would be happy to work with you to set up a time, date and arrange for appropriate technical and IT support as well as end-point equipment. 


“We’ve been delighted to offer the CSDIO service as a way to contribute to state and national conferences through reduced interpreting costs,” said Mark Seeger, Director of the CSDIO product.