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CSD of Texas Advocacy Update

Lubbock: CSD client contacted staff after applying for a job at McDonalds. The manager refused to hire the client merely because she was deaf. Mark Dickson, CSD community specialist, met with the manager and explained that his decision not to hire the person based only on their deafness was against ADA law.

Dickson contacted McDonald’s corporate office in Dallas, and after a meeting with the corporate human resources person and the manager, the client was hired and now works in the kitchen as a cook..

El Paso: Deaf resource specialist Susana Santillan has been working with Ready One Industries, a company employing approximately 15 deaf employees. While they hired numerous deaf people, company did not provide a certified interpreter. The company stated that they had their own in-house interpreter. 

Employees complained to CSD that he had minimal sign skills and would only sign two or three words, regardless of how fast the hearing person was speaking.  They assumed that he was not interpreting everything.  Santillan contacted the human resource representative and sent ADA information, and explained why both the company and employees can benefit from hiring a sign language interpreter when needed.  They now provide certified interpreters for all important meetings, and the deaf employees have since stopped any complaints.

CSD of Oklahoma: A New Hero Surfaces!

Superman fights Lex Luthor. Batman fights the Joker. SuperDeafy fights injustice around deaf people. Captain Buster fights …Tobacco? Captain Buster swoops from school to school to educate the very roots of our future — our deaf and hard of hearing children — on the dangers of tobacco in the state of Oklahoma.

What does Captain Buster do? Aside from karate chopping cigarettes and kicking tobacco cans, he socializes with the children by talking about what cigarettes and chewing tobacco do to your body, while answering their questions as well. The kids get very curious after seeing pictures of tobacco products. Captain Buster provides a coloring sheet that says “Captain Buster says don’t smoke” and the children love coloring Captain Buster, their new favorite superhero.

Captain Buster’s true identify is Jimmy Mitchell, the CSD of Okahoma’s tobacco specialist for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Al Franken Attends Deaf and Hard of Hearing Legislative Day

Gina Lauric with CSD of Minnesota’s ABE program attended Deaf and Hard of Hearing Legislative Day on March 4 in Minneapolis. ABE students were actively involved in the recent election and engaged in "hot discussions" about things that they saw on television, in the newspapers, and on the Internet. They would bring these topics to class and ask for English text support in understanding what was being said and how it impacted them.

Students were also encouraged to attend rallys at the capitol and meet with legislators to ask them to continue to support deaf and hard of hearing education programs.

"I met AL Franken and signed to him ‘Thank you, Thank you, Thank you’ for your support. I think he finally understood what I was signing because he smiled," state Lauric. “The rally, and seeing so many deaf people there to speak out, was a neat experience for me.”