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CSD Call Centers Give Back

During the last half of 2008, CSD’s call center employees gathered together again for two annual giving campaigns that saw CSD contribute to the schools and food shelves in the cities in which we reside.  The schools that CSD focused their efforts on were largely those serving deaf and hard of hearing children in the vicinity of our call centers.

CSD saw over 10,000 items, from pencils and pens to back packs, donated to the schools. These items went to children in August that typically could not afford those necessary school supplies.  With these donations, children were able to have the necessary tools to further their education and become a vital part of the leadership necessary to enhance our futures.

CSD’s call centers then came together in November to donate over 12,000 items to local food pantries.  These donations were largely canned goods that were necessary in the respective communities to ensure that we were able to give back to those that struggle to put food on their tables.  These donations were enough to feed hundreds of families during the holiday season.

CSD Launches Nationwide Help Center and Web Site to Assist Deaf/Hard of Hearing with DTV Transition

Recently, both the Senate and House passed the bill to delay the DTV transition deadline from Feb. 17 to June 12, giving those Americans still on the waiting list (currently 3.7 million) for converter box coupons and those needing technical assistance a reprieve. Although the deadline has moved, CSD has launched both a Help Center (call center) and a new Web site — with “how to” videos in American Sign Language (ASL), captioning and voice for hard of hearing people, and Spanish (captioned and voiced) — to provide that much-needed support today.

The new Web site is a quick resource for those needing answers to questions — like do I need a converter box and how can I get one — and like the Help Center, the information is accessible in the visitor’s preferred mode. ASL users will find answers in short ASL videos. For those with a partial hearing loss and who don’t use sign language, they can see videos complete with audio and captioning and without ASL. Spanish-speaking deaf individuals can find videos both with Spanish captions and voice. Visitors can also find e-mail contacts and Help Center phone numbers, all on the CSD-DTV site, at

Deaf Tobacco Web site OKLADEAFQUIT.COM Roars into Community

In August of 2008, CSD of Oklahoma’s Tobacco Prevention and Awareness Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing launched a deaf-friendly tobacco Web site to help deaf and hard of hearing consumers understand their struggles with tobacco addiction. The Web site contains information about smoking, chewing tobacco and other facts.

The Web site has a guide to help a nicotine dependant user quit tobacco use if they are ready and seeking help. It also has the popular documentary page where there are several picture boxes of local deaf Oklahomans who sharing their tobacco struggles, successes and even experiences with second hand smoke on video. Once you click on an individual, a short video will show the person signing in ASL, talking about their struggles. This is a very powerful tool that has since been spread in the deaf communities in other states. No matter where you are from, or if you are a tobacco user or not, you are encouraged to visit the Web site and you may surprise yourself and learn a thing or two!

Visit or contact Jimmy Mitchell, Tobacco Prevention Specialist at for more information.