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Lakodia Outfitters Gears Up for Fall Hunting Season

This year marks the fifth year of Lakodia Outfitters as a premiere pheasant hunting outfitter in the state of South Dakota, located at Camp Lakodia in Madison.  The last three years have seen a gradual increase of recognition of our first class facilities from a broad range of hunters.  We expect one of the most successful seasons with Lakodia Outfitters this year. 

This Fall, well over 100 hunters will find themselves at our facilities for one to four day hunts.  These hunts are typically on a three-day schedule, including fully guided hunts along with all of their food and beverages provided.  The hunters come from ALL corners of the U.S. and this year we have some from Southern California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Oregon, so we have definitely touched the “4 Corners.” 

Lakodia Outfitters anticipates harvesting over 600 pheasants from the land we lease outside of Madison this year.  With a specially engineered seed for food plots called “Buck N’ Cock,” we have managed to see the local population migrate to our land to ensure we have the best pheasant hunting on the east side of the state.

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CSD of Ohio Announces New Staff Members

Cooper comes on board as the new Advocacy Coordinator, assuming the leadership role most recently held by Darlene Zangara, who now serves as the Director of the Centers of Excellence at CSD’s home office in Sioux Falls, S.D.Cooper has served deaf and hard of hearing consumer populations since 1997 with nine years of extensive expertise in human services and disability-related services. He has multi-state executive leadership experience with overall management and operations responsibilities, including strategic planning, contract administration, policy development, human resources, facilities management and financial operations. He is married to Denise and has a brand new baby boy, Ben.

Before CSD, Rute worked as a Senior Case Manager for Deaf Consumers with Mental Illnesses for over 14 years.   He is also a Certified Laughter Leader in Columbus. Rute also enjoys acting, and will be starring in the play The Miracle Worker in January.  He is known to show off his wonderful ASL impromptu acting skills in various functions.  Rute is married to Nancy and has two children in college.

“I am excited that we have gained two remarkable individuals taking the lead in advocacy for Ohio,” said Zangara. “With them working together, there is no stopping the ‘dynamic duo.’  Robert and Stephen are extremely passionate, energetic and experienced individuals.  As advocates, they will be promoting access to quality and appropriate behavioral health services for deaf and hard of hearing consumers and their families.”

CSD of Minnesota: Remembering Victims of Domestic Violence

Minnesota’s deaf and hard of hearing community gathered at Thompson Hall Oct. 18 to learn about and to remember their friends and family who have suffered as a result of domestic violence. “Violence affects all of us,” says Jessalyn Frank, coordinator of Minnesota’s Deaf Domestic Violence Program and CSD of Minnesota community specialist. “Whether incidents happen to women or men, or children suffering from school bullying or in our families. Awareness is the first step toward prevention.”

Violence against women is a serious public health issue that affects the physical and emotional health of millions of women, children and men in the United States. Women with disabilities and Deaf women are just as likely as women without disabilities to be victims of domestic violence. In addition, for women with disabilities the abuse tended to last longer and involve more than one perpetrator. More research on sexual assault and women with disabilities and Deaf women is needed. However, some research suggests that women with specific disabilities experience higher risk than women with other disabilities or women without disabilities.

CSD wishes to thank Verizon Wireless for their generous contribution to support the Deaf Domestic Violence Program in Minnesota. “Verizon Wireless was pleased to support CSD's efforts to create more awareness of the effects of domestic violence in the deaf/hard of hearing communities,” said Karen Smith, public relations manager for Verizon Wireless – Great Plains Region. “Our corporate cause is domestic violence awareness and prevention."