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CSD of Texas-Waco Adds Video Interpreting Center

The CSD of Texas-Waco office has established a new video interpreting center. CSD of Texas-Waco started processing video relay service (VRS) calls Sept. 15. The new center brought on approximately 10 new interpreters to CSD’s overall interpreting pool. All of the new interpreters have industry experience as video interpreters (VI), and they also met all industry and CSD video interpreter (VI) certification standards.


In the near future, the center will also be able to process CSD Interpreting Online (CSDIO) calls, not just VRS calls. All interpreters at the Waco office are available for both community and video interpreting as well.


“CSD is enthusiastic about the potential growth for both video relay and interpreting online as these services continue to fill a gap in the communication needs of America’s deaf and hard of hearing individuals,” said Ben Soukup, CSD chief executive officer. “As more and more sign language users experience and become comfortable with CSDIO, we are prepared to exponentially expand our video network to handle the influx of VRS and CSDIO calls.”

Family Fun Day & Kids Day America

CSD employees regularly volunteer their time to serve on nonprofit boards, committees, or event planning groups as a way of giving back to the community. One such event was the Family FUN Festival & Kids Day America on Sept. 20 at Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls, S.D.


Family FUN Festival & Kids Day America is a “free” event, sponsored by Health Connect, a local nonprofit with a mission to provide health information to children, youth and families. Over 1,200 children and families swarmed the high school halls, gym and auditorium to participate in FUN learning and entertainment activities — kid’s walk, visiting the Health House, balloon twisting, jumping in inflatables, face painting, eye and dental exams, fingerprinting, martial arts and more. Special guests such as, Clifford, the Big Red Dog and Buddy from PBS pleased the children and mingled with the crowds. Many businesses and organizations offered healthy treats, snacks and beverages.


As activities were completed, a sticker was placed in a passport. Each participant became eligible for the girls and boys bicycle prize drawings. The winner of the boy’s bike was Dex Barron, age 4.


“I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the people behind this fun, successful event. My family had a wonderful time and from the looks on the other participant’s faces (especially the children), they all did too,” said Kim Barron, Dex’s mother. “Making health education a fun thing is no easy task, and I appreciate the hard work all the more. We will definitely be back next year and will help spread the word of this important event as well.”


Photos: Dex Barron (and brother Nick) celebrates his new bike he won from the Family FUN Day & Kids Day America event at Lincoln High School.

CSD Celebrates Deaf Awareness Week

During Sept. 22-29 at CSD, employees celebrated Deaf Awareness Week. CSD joined organizations and cities all over the world who participated in a week-long, world-wide effort to make citizens more informed about deafness and hearing loss and to celebrate the culture, heritage, and language unique to individuals who are deaf.


One of the events CSD held was “Dress Out Loud Day.” It is often said that deafness is the invisible disability. CSD staff dressed up in outrageously loud clothes for the day, and made a statement that there was very little chance of being invisible today.