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CSD Expands Interpreting Presence in Sioux Falls

CSD recently announced it has bolstered its interpreting operations capacity by adding the clients and interpreters of Phase II Interpreters for the Deaf to its South Dakota interpreting division.

Phase II has provided interpreting referral services in
Sioux Falls for eight years, and has come to be respected by local consumers and businesses for their professionalism and the overall talent of their staff. CSD will be adding six new interpreters to its interpreting staff per the agreement with Phase II.

Sioux Falls and on a nationwide basis, the increase in volume for interpreting services has led to a limited supply of interpreting resources,” said Ben Soukup, CSD chief executive officer. “By strengthening our ability to meet this demand, CSD has positioned itself to continue leading the industry in both community-based and video interpreting services.”

CSD Launches “Centers of Excellence” and Names New National Director

Darlene Zangara is CSD’s new National Centers of Excellence Director. Her role was effective as of Aug. 18 and the launch of the Centers of Excellence (formerly known as CSD’s human service or national programs division) became effective Sept. 1.

The Centers of Excellence (COE) has become the central theme of CSD’s human service and national programs division, incorporating activities that focus on process excellence, system change tools, management strategies and program growth. Zangara will play an instrumental role in implementing initiatives, producing quality research materials and resources, developing a clearinghouse of information and empowering local communities to better serve their deaf and hard of hearing populations.

Zangara commented, “A common trend with many progressive organizations is the establishment of centers of excellence.  Simply stated, a center of excellence or ‘COE’ is a team of people working together to promote collaboration and application of best practices within our services and products … I am thrilled to be part of CSD’s commitment in seeking the highest standards in excellence through our services and products. We believe our customers, deaf, hard of hearing or hearing should expect excellence from CSD.”

Deaf Seniors Tour CSD’s Home Office

A group of 44 deaf senior citizens, from Denver, Colo., traveled via bus to CSD headquarters in Sioux Falls, S.D. on Sept. 10 to take a tour of the CSD campus.

The group toured three specific CSD buildings: The Simpson Building (home office), the
Buckmaster Building (which houses CSD-TV’s studio) and the relay center.

Ben Soukup, CSD chief executive officer, greeted the travelers with a brief presentation when they arrived, and after the groups finished their facilities tour, Soukup opened up his office to the travelers, and mingled with them while answering questions about CSD.

That evening, the group stayed at CSD’s
Camp Lakodia and enjoyed a banquet and night’s stay at the four-season campground.