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CSD’s Jessalyn Frank Honored for Domestic Violence Community Work

In recognition of her outstanding contributions towards ending domestic violence for CSD of Minnesota’s deaf and hard of hearing consumers, Jessalyn Frank, CSD community specialist, was chosen as a recipient of the 2008 Sunshine Peace Award.


Frank received a certificate and an award of $1,000, donated to CSD, on her behalf, to go towards CSD’s domestic violence program.


The Sunshine Lady Foundation, Inc. is a private family foundation established in the fall of 1996 by founder and President, Doris Buffett. Buffett has worked for many years on behalf of battered women and their children, as an advocate, fundraiser, board member and community organizer. A primary focus of the foundation is to continue, develop and enhance efforts to end domestic violence.


“It is humbling and an honor to be recognized for the work that so many of us do. I share this recognition with my team, colleagues and our community,” said Frank. “It is their ongoing support and dedication that makes this acknowledgment so much more meaningful.”

Oklahoma School for the Deaf adopts a tobacco-free 24/7 policy

The tobacco prevention and awareness program under CSD of Oklahoma has worked with the Oklahoma School for the Deaf and came to an agreement for the school to adopt the 24/7 tobacco policy.  A 24/7 policy is generally regarded as the most effective and strictest anti-tobacco policy in the state of Oklahoma. A 24/7 policy would mean that all tobacco products are forbidden to be used or even brought on campus by all staff, students and visitors at all times 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


That is not all the policy entails. If there is a school activity off campus such as a football game, students and staff are not allowed to use tobacco products there as well.  Jimmy Mitchell, the program coordinator for the CSD tobacco program, has discussed this issue with Larry Hawkins, the superintendent, Jack Tucker, the principal and KaAnn Varner, the assistant principal, all policy administrators. Dialogue has been ongoing on for a period of nine months before an agreement was struck that the school would adopt the policy.


Due to the 100-year centennial event that was approaching, the timing of adopting the policy was perfect.


At the Centennial event, 449 people enjoyed a tobacco-free campus and witnessed CSD of Oklahoma award Superintendent Hawkins a certificate of excellence for the school’s role in adopting the policy.