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CSD Announces New Spin-Off Venture Known as CSDVRS [12/14/2006]

CSD Awarded Grant From Avera Health [10/03/2006]

ACTION ALERT - Tell the FCC You Have the Right to Access Captioning for Local Religious TV Programs [09/26/2006]

CSD Organizes “Back to School” Fundraisers [09/08/2006]

CSD Awarded Grant From San Antonio Area Foundation [08/03/2006]

Theresa Legg Recognized for Outstanding Volunteerism [07/19/2006]

Golf Tournaments and Poker Runs Support Deaf Youth and Other Deaf Programs [07/14/2006]

CSD of Minnesota Awarded Department of Human Services Contract [07/12/2006]

S.D. Wins Second Consecutive Miss Deaf America Title [07/07/2006]

CSDVRS to Give Out Prizes as Part of New ‘Freedom’ Promotion [06/19/2006]

Lisa Fowler Honored for Dedication to Interpreting [06/12/2006]

CSD of Minnesota Awarded Department of Justice Grant [05/04/2006]

CSD Responds to Rulings Announced by the Federal Communications Commission [05/03/2006]

WFD and CSD Form Partnership [04/27/2006]

CSD of North Dakota Awarded Grant to Help America Vote [03/03/2006]

CSD Proud to be Gold Sponsor of the 2007 Winter Deaflympics [02/20/2006]

CSD of Maryland First Annual Golf Classic to Benefit Health Literacy [02/17/2006]

Cedar Rapids Foundation Award Enhances CSD’s Health Education and Outreach [02/14/2006]

CSD Awarded Department of Justice Grant in Oklahoma [02/03/2006]

CSD and Augustana College Collaborate for Sign Language Interpreter Program [01/25/2006]

CSD and C.E.O. Benjamin Soukup Honored for Three Sioux Falls Business Awards [01/06/2006]