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Community Programs

Community Independent Living Services (IA, SD)
Independent living services are based on the belief that disability is a natural part of the human experience and in no way diminishes the right of individuals to live independently; enjoy self–determination; make choices; contribute to society; pursue meaningful careers; and enjoy full inclusion and integration in the economic, political, social, cultural and educational mainstream of our society. Based on individualized consumer goals and needs, a variety of services are provided, including independent living skills training, peer support/counseling, self–advocacy, technical assistance, education, outreach activities, referral and more.

Domestic Violence Program (MN, OK)
CSD offers services connecting deaf or hard–of–hearing domestic violence/sexual assault victims and survivors of all ages to needed help and resources. Staff and volunteers also train service providers and pertinent stakeholders such as law enforcement towards effective service delivery practices. 

Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (SD, TX)
The statewide Equipment Distribution Program provides accessible telecommunications equipment to deaf, hard–of–hearing, deaf–blind, and individuals with speech impairments who face difficulties communicating on the telephone.  Special equipment such as text telephone, phone signalers, and amplified phone is available at no cost through a voucher program to enhance telephone communication.

South Dakota: or download an application form from the branch office nearest your place of residence: Aberdeen, PierreRapid City or Sioux Falls.

Texas: Contact the San Antonio office at (866) 349-3272 or (210) 349-3332 V/TTY to inquire for more information or order equipment. Download a STAP application form here. Assistive equipment such as doorbell signalers and strobe fire alarm are also available for sale to the general public.

CARF–Accredited Employment Services (IA, SD)
In collaboration with local Vocational Rehabilitation offices, CSD provides pre– and post–employment services. To achieve successful placement, CSD works with the consumer to find suitable employment, helps train the consumer for their job and then follows up on the progress of the consumer's employment.

Recreational Services (MN, SD, TX)
CSD offers language–accessible social and recreational activities within the local community. The primary focus of the program is to build upon scattered community resources and programming in order to engage deaf youths, adults and senior citizens in social and varied recreational activities.

Senior Deaf Adult Services (MD, MN, SD, TX)
This program promotes and increases the social aspect of deaf or hard–of–hearing senior citizens. A variety of recreation, workshops, monthly social events, home visits and other activities are offered to enhance the lives of senior citizens within these communities.

Transitional Housing (SD)
CSD manages an apartment complex in Sioux Falls for deaf or hard–of–hearing tenants. In some cases, housing is linked to CSD services and training, in order to achieve daily independent living skills.

Transportation Services (SD, TX)
Deaf or hard–of–hearing senior citizens have access to a transportation service that shuttles them to and from certain activities, medical appointments, etc.