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CSD of Texas – Van for Senior Citizens

      San Antonio is pleased to announce that, as of December 12, we are now using our new wheelchair accessible shuttle van to transport more deaf and hard of hearing senior citizens to CSD of Texas- San Antonio’s Community Center for senior citizen program activities—socialization, arts and crafts, educational programming, fitness, etc.


      Deaf and Hard of Hearing senior citizens are joyous as it took a long time to raise funds to purchase the van. It is like a dream come true for CSD’s senior citizen program participants. Come and visit us at anytime during the weekly Deaf and Hard of Hearing Senior Citizens program gathering on Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 a.m. at the CSD of Texas- San Antonio Community Center.


      Overflowing appreciation goes to the generous support of deaf and hard of hearing Texans through golf tournaments, garage sales, bake sales and monetary donations: SPRINT, Taco Cabana – Nina and Mike Biviano, Mario and Charm Montalvo, Molly Potter, Hearing Loss Association of America – San Antonio and anonymous donors. Also worthy of recognition and praises are the funding support of CSD’s Senior Citizens program made possible through the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services- Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and Texas Department of Aging, Bexar County AACOG to provide transportation and senior citizen programs/services.

Frederick County, Maryland Emergency Preparedness Conference

      CSD of Maryland representatives participated in a conference on January 18th to spread word regarding emergency planning for individuals with disabilities. Presenters included emergency responders, service providers, agencies and organizations in Frederick Country. Representatives from the American Red Cross, Frederick County Office of Emergency Management and the National Organization on Disability and other nonprofit organizations also participated.


      It was stressed that people with disabilities and special needs must make their needs known. It is not the responsibility of the emergency service providers to survey each individual in the county limits to find out what language they speak, what equipment they need available, or if they have formulated a personalized emergency evacuation plan for their family.


      Frederick County has about 16,000 deaf and hard of hearing people and CSD of Maryland wants to join in this effort to work with the Deaf community. Frederick County is committed to working in partnership to improve diverse communication needs through technology and other avenues in order to build a stronger, safer community.


      The overall goal of the conference was to convey the message that emergency preparedness is something that is vital to everyone, especially people with special needs in such situations. We must be prepared: does your family have a communication strategy worked out in the event of an emergency? Do you know what number you need to call for relay services in an emergency? Do you have an evacuation plan that is quick and easy? Are you aware of the community resources that are provided to you during the recovery period after the emergency?

CSD of South Dakota Program on Substance Abuse Prevention

      Paula Souhrada, who grew up in a deaf family, has joined CSD of South Dakota’s office in Sioux Falls as prevention specialist. A familiar face in South Dakota, Souhrada is actively involved in the deaf community serving as a member of the Youth Group, attending Jr. NAD and as Miss Deaf South Dakota from 2001-2003. She graduated last May from University of South Dakota (USD) with a degree in psychology. Souhrada’s job, as prevention specialist, is to promote healthy lifestyle and smart choices. She will provide statewide educational preventive activities, support services, and referrals to the deaf, deaf-blind and hearing loss communities, school-age youths, parents, service providers and program stakeholders in the areas of healthy lifestyles and prevention of substance abuse (e.g., drugs and alcohol) usage.

“Red” For Heart Day!

       CSD employees at CSD branch offices took time to look out for the well being of co-workers across the country by asking employees to wear red for heart health and learn facts about staying heart-healthy. The current slogan for the “Go Red for Women” movement asks that you take a moment, close your eyes. Put your hand on your heart. Think about its beat — the power of your life in your hands — how important your heart is. Too few women realize that heart disease, a largely preventable disease, is their No. 1 killer and too few are taking action to prevent it. Contact the American Heart Association at 1-888-MY-HEART voice (1-888-694-3278), or visit to take care of your heart as well.