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Community Education

Deaf Adult Education (ABE) (MN)
ABE offers culturally appropriate bilingual-bicultural education programming to deaf or hard–of–hearing adults in the Twin Cities metro area and statewide. The program components are designed to meet individualized learning needs resulting into quality educational outcomes.  The program also collaborates with statewide service providers to provide information related to serving deaf and hard-of-hearing learners effectively-- culture, classroom accommodations and communication access. 

Community Mental Health and Deafness Network (OH)
CSD of Ohio offers culturally competent information, advocacy and referral services statewide for deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind consumers and their families; and, CSD uses its expertise in deafness to train and educate mental health service providers on accessibility and cultural competence in meeting the needs of deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind consumers.

Tobacco Cessation and Awareness Program (OK
Comprehensive programs are offered statewide through culturally and linguistically appropriate messages in American Sign Language to reduce the health impacts of tobacco and second hand smoke exposure.

Citizenship Training/Citizenship Preparation (MN)
CSD offers civics and citizenship training within a language–accessible environment to deaf or hard–of–hearing refugees or immigrants in the Twin Cities metro area. Instructors use a variety of daily living techniques to teach citizenship concepts leading to acculturation into American life as well as work with individuals through the citizenship application process.

Health Education (IA, MD, MN, SD, TX)
Tailored to each individual's or group's need(s), this service typically includes health literacy training, community prevention, peer support, self–help, and self–advocacy on health issues such as alcohol and drug abuse prevention, practicing healthy lifestyles, and preventing or managing diabetes.

American Sign Language (ASL)/Deaf Culture Classes (IA, MD, OK, SD)
CSD offers custom ASL classes for all ages and skill levels. ASL and Deaf Culture classes are also offered to first responders in the community: fire and rescue services, police, paramedics, etc. Workshops/seminars on Deaf Culture, sign language and sensitivity training are also available to the general public.

Cross–Cultural, Hearing Loss Awareness Training & Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Advocacy (IA, MD, OH, OK, SD, TX)
Community groups and public agencies and organizations have enlisted CSD for guidance and expertise in developing services that support deaf or hard–of–hearing consumers and/or community members. CSD staff can offer resources on hearing loss issues and deafness as a culture, as well as information on concerns such as accessibility compliance.