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CSD Raises Over $10k for Haiti Disaster Relief Efforts [03/02/2010]

CSD Announces Enrollment Beginning for Annual Deaf/Hard of Hearing Youth Leadership Camp [02/04/2010]

CSD of Oklahoma Promotes Smokeless Tobacco Messages During Great American Spit Out [02/01/2010]

CSD Designated for State of California Disability Equipment Distribution Contract [12/17/2009]

Happy 34th Birthday CSD! [11/06/2009]

10-Digit Registration Deadline for IP Relay/VRS Users is Nov. 12 [09/24/2009]

CSD Proudly Celebrates Deaf Awareness Week [09/22/2009]

CSD Supports Passage of 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act [09/21/2009]

CSD of Minnesota to Host Open House [08/26/2009]

CSD’s DTV Help Center Resource Ending July 31 [07/30/2009]

CSD of Minnesota Earns Gordon Allen Community Award [07/07/2009]

CSD Holds Charity Golf Classic to Raise Funds for Summer Youth Program [07/06/2009]

FCC Extends CSD’s DTV Contract to July 31 [06/30/2009]

Join CSD at HLAA and DSA Conferences [06/17/2009]

Debunking DTV Myths [06/10/2009]

FCC Extends CSD’s DTV Contract to June 30 [06/02/2009]

CSD and Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Partner to Prepare Teens and Parents for "School-to-Work" Transition [04/20/2009]

CSD Partners to Create Survey to Address Nationwide DTV Related Captioning Issues [03/30/2009]

New Federal Tobacco Tax Begins March 31, 2009 CSD Offers Free Help to Kick the Habit [03/30/2009]

CSD Launches Nationwide Call Center and Web Site to Assist Deaf/Hard of Hearing With DTV Transition [02/09/2009]

CSD of Texas-San Antonio Opens DTV Assistance Center [01/27/2009]

CSD Favors Efforts to Delay Nation's DTV Transition [01/16/2009]

CSD Receives $1.1 Million FCC Grant to Implement Nationwide Awareness Campaign About Transition to DTV [01/08/2009]

CSD and the Sioux Empire Tobacco Free Coalition Partner to Caption Ads for Local Movie Theaters [12/04/2008]

CSD Featured on Deaf Nation [10/22/2008]

CSD of Texas-Waco Establishes Video Interpreting Center [10/07/2008]

Deaf Awareness Week and International Day of Signed Languages [09/24/2008]

CSD Launches “Centers of Excellence” and Names New Director [09/05/2008]

CSD Expands Interpreting Presence in Sioux Falls [09/03/2008]

CSD’s Charity Golf Classic Raises $25K for Summer Youth Program [09/03/2008]

Philadelphia's Independence Visitor Center Launches Multimedia Sign Language Tour [07/21/2008]

NLLC: Top Middle School and High School Students to Participate in this Year’s National Leadership and Literacy Camp for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Youth [06/27/2008]

CSD and BarZ Adventures Partner to Bring Deaf and Hard of Hearing Friendly Tours to Venues across the Country [06/25/2008]

Contact Your State Rep to Support The 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2008 [06/24/2008]

CSD's Ongoing Support of Internet Accessibility Legislation Reaches House of Representatives [06/20/2008]

Camp Lakodia Poker Run to Benefit Deaf Youth [05/22/2008]

CSD of Minnesota Announces New Director of Interpreting Operations [03/06/2008]

CSD Partners With BarZ Adventures to Give Virtual Sign Language Tours of Austin [02/29/2008]

CSD Joins Efforts to Draft New Video and TV Programming Legislation [01/24/2008]

CSD Appoints Dr. Bobbie Beth Scoggins as Newest Member of Executive Team [12/17/2007]

CSD and Emmy Award Winning Deaf Producer Launch Two New Sign Language Video Programs [11/20/2007]

CSD of Minnesota Receives Community Service Award [11/06/2007]

CSD of Ohio Hosts Mental Health Summit [11/06/2007]

CSD Hosts Fifth Annual Golf Fundraiser at Prairie Green [08/01/2007]

The Chicago Airport System Breaks Ground by Installing CSD’s State of the Art Public Access Videophone for Deaf/Hard of Hearing [07/25/2007]

Survey Launched for Sign Language Users [04/06/2007]

CSD of Ohio Provides Resource Web Site Sign Language Accessible Mental Health Videos [03/26/2007]

New CSD Web Site Launched With Focus on Sign Language Access [02/01/2007]

CSD Awarded Deaf Advocacy Training Project Grant [01/29/2007]

Statewide Domestic Violence Grant Renewed for CSD of Oklahoma [01/08/2007]

CSD Chosen As a National Interpreter Certification Supersite [01/02/2007]

CSD Announces New Spin-Off Venture Known as CSDVRS [12/14/2006]

CSD Awarded Grant From Avera Health [10/03/2006]

ACTION ALERT - Tell the FCC You Have the Right to Access Captioning for Local Religious TV Programs [09/26/2006]

CSD Organizes “Back to School” Fundraisers [09/08/2006]

CSD Awarded Grant From San Antonio Area Foundation [08/03/2006]

Theresa Legg Recognized for Outstanding Volunteerism [07/19/2006]

Golf Tournaments and Poker Runs Support Deaf Youth and Other Deaf Programs [07/14/2006]

CSD of Minnesota Awarded Department of Human Services Contract [07/12/2006]

S.D. Wins Second Consecutive Miss Deaf America Title [07/07/2006]

CSDVRS to Give Out Prizes as Part of New ‘Freedom’ Promotion [06/19/2006]

Lisa Fowler Honored for Dedication to Interpreting [06/12/2006]

CSD of Minnesota Awarded Department of Justice Grant [05/04/2006]

CSD Responds to Rulings Announced by the Federal Communications Commission [05/03/2006]

WFD and CSD Form Partnership [04/27/2006]

CSD of North Dakota Awarded Grant to Help America Vote [03/03/2006]

CSD Proud to be Gold Sponsor of the 2007 Winter Deaflympics [02/20/2006]

CSD of Maryland First Annual Golf Classic to Benefit Health Literacy [02/17/2006]

Cedar Rapids Foundation Award Enhances CSD’s Health Education and Outreach [02/14/2006]

CSD Awarded Department of Justice Grant in Oklahoma [02/03/2006]

CSD and Augustana College Collaborate for Sign Language Interpreter Program [01/25/2006]

CSD and C.E.O. Benjamin Soukup Honored for Three Sioux Falls Business Awards [01/06/2006]

CSD Selected to Provide 24-Hour Emergency Interpreting Support for New Minnesota Hospital Consortium [12/05/2005]

CSDVRS Launches Sign Language to Spanish Service [11/18/2005]

CSD Announces Enhanced CSDVRS VCO Service [11/08/2005]

Sign Language Video Relay Service to Host Open House [11/04/2005]

CSD Honors Deaf Advocates With Official Building Naming [11/02/2005]

CSDVRS Goes 24/7, Introduces New Services [11/01/2005]

Book Documents S.D. Service Agency’s Growth to World’s Largest Deaf Organization [10/31/2005]

CSD Teams Up With Deaf Seniors of America [10/19/2005]

CSD's Support and Assistance in Wake of Hurricane Katrina [10/13/2005]

CSDVRS: Impress Your Boss By Doing More With Less! [10/04/2005]

CSD To Host Gala In Recognition of 30th Anniversary [09/21/2005]

CSD Offers Support to Deaf Hurricane Katrina Victims [09/09/2005]

BDA-CSD Launches Sign Language Video Relay Service [08/23/2005]

CSD Hosts Two Events for Deaf Bikers of America [08/12/2005]

CSD Hosts Third Annual Golf Fund-raiser at Willow Run [08/02/2005]

CSDVRS Opens 14th Video Relay Center [07/18/2005]

New Visitors Center Opens at CSD Headquarters [07/07/2005]

CSD Top Sponsor of RID Conference [07/05/2005]

CSD Signs On As Title Sponsor of the 16th Biennial TDI Conference [06/30/2005]

NTID Announces New Building ‘CSD Student Development Center’ [04/14/2005]

CSD and America Online Join Forces To Provide AOL Members Who Are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, or Speech Disabled With An Easier, More Friendly Customer Sup [04/04/2005]

Innovative Video Relay Services Launched by CSD [03/31/2005]

CSD Appoints Interpreter Relations Coordinator [03/16/2005]

CSD Appointed Regional Provider on Federal Emergency Preparedness Grant [02/14/2005]

CSD Receives American Cancer Society Grant [01/31/2005]

CSD/Sprint Introduce New Option to Your Video Mail [11/24/2004]

Deaf Expo™ Draws 7,700 in Anaheim [11/23/2004]

Deaf Expo™ Targets Deaf Consumers, Sign Language Students, Family Members and Professionals in the Field [11/02/2004]

Deaf Expo Is Headed For Anaheim! [09/27/2004]

CSD Creates 250-300 New Jobs in California [09/02/2004]

CSD Nominated for Global Call Center of the Year Award [08/23/2004]

Mentorship Initiative to Increase Pool of Certified Interpreters [08/19/2004]

CSD Launches New Marketing Campaign: It's All About Passion [08/11/2004]

CSD Streamlines Services and Appoints Robert Davila as Senior Vice President of Newly Formed National Programs [07/16/2004]

Second Annual Deaf Expo™ Show On East Reflects Quality of Life for Deaf Americans [05/25/2004]

Alamo Joins Forces with CSD of Texas-San Antonio [05/12/2004]

DeafExpo™ 2004 to hold East Coast Show in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania [04/27/2004]

Deaf Expo East Patrons to Enjoy Two-Day Event [04/27/2004]

Two Deaf Shows to Conduct Drawings for Exhibit Space [04/20/2004]

Camp Lakodia Announces Summer Programs for ‘04 [04/14/2004]

Learn How Alcohol Affects Your Health On National Alcohol Screening Day [03/31/2004]

“Thin Ice” Interactive Play Teaches the Danger of Substance Abuse [03/31/2004]

Deaf Expo™ Announces 2004 Shows [03/10/2004]

Acclaimed Deaf Actress Terrylene Takes Her Story of Survival and Love on Tour [03/08/2004]

Dave Miller Chosen As Outstanding Citizen With A Disability [03/08/2004]

CSD of Wisconsin Presents Foundations of Interpreting [02/23/2004]

CSD of Wisconsin Awarded $40,000 Video Relay Service Grant [01/07/2004]

Wynd Launches First Phase of Its Extensive Customer Service Improvement Plan [12/19/2003]

CSD and Harris Communications Enter Partnership [12/17/2003]

Nearly 7,000 Attend Deaf Expo 2003 West; “Deaf Eye for Hearing People” Show a Hit [12/12/2003]

“No Talking Allowed” To Premiere at Deaf Expo West in Long Beach, Calif. [11/04/2003]

Deaf Expo California Show Plans Underway [10/24/2003]

Acclaimed Deaf Actress Terrylene Takes Her Story of Survival and Love on Tour [10/17/2003]

Sprint Launches to Meet Needs of Deaf [10/03/2003]

Golfers Brave Weather to Raise Money for CSD’s Camp Lakodia Program [09/29/2003]

TOYS Theater to Perform at Washington Pavilion [09/26/2003]

National Symposium on Childhood Deafness to be Held in South Dakota [09/15/2003]

CSD Announces the Launch of SIGNews [08/25/2003]

CSD’s Camp Lakodia Has a Successful First Summer [08/25/2003]

CSD of Ohio Wins Funding from Ohio Department of Mental Health [08/06/2003]

Deaf Expo™ to Present the Deaf Experience in Long Beach [08/01/2003]

CSD Golf Classic to Raise Funds for Camp Lakodia [07/31/2003]

CSD Provides Sign Language Interpreting Services at United Nations [07/30/2003]

CSD Receives the Robert H. Weitbrecht Award from TDI [07/28/2003]

CSD Interpreting Expands to Serve Greater Minnesota [07/02/2003]

First Deaf Expo™ Show On East Coast Well Received [06/24/2003]

Wisconsin Now Has 18 Public VRS Sites [06/10/2003]

Deaf Expo™ Targets Deaf Consumers, Sign Language Students and Deaf Culture Students Next Weekend [05/21/2003]

CSD’s National Middlers Leadership and Literacy Camp To Be Held At Camp Lakodia [05/08/2003]

CSD and Sprint Add Hawaii as Their 29th Relay State [05/08/2003]

Video Relay Service for Deaf Celebrates First Anniversary by Introducing New Services [05/01/2003]

CSD Announces Thomas Galey as CSD University Manager [04/30/2003]

CSD Employment Services Receives National Accreditation [04/25/2003]

CSD and Communication Axess Ability Create Alliance to Provide Web-based Video Relay Services [04/25/2003]

CSD and Sprint Increase Mac Compatibility for Video Relay Service [04/23/2003]

CSD’s Human Services Division Branches Out Into Ohio [04/09/2003]

CSD Supports TDI Advocacy Efforts [03/25/2003]

Deaf Expo™ 2003 Adds East Coast Show [03/25/2003]

CSD Partners with Chicago Hearing Society to Open VRS Operations Center [03/21/2003]

CSD Names Peter Bailey as Division Director in Texas [03/19/2003]

CSD Supports Record-Setting Expedition to Mt. Everest [03/19/2003]

CSD, Interpretek and SLC Announce VRS Alliance in Rochester, N.Y. [03/19/2003]

CSD Supports WFD 14th World Congress of the Deaf as Title Sponsor [03/19/2003]

CSD Expands Its VRS Presence with SLA Partnership [03/13/2003]

CSD Partners with SignOn for VRS Operations in Seattle [02/27/2003]

CSD Signs with PSLI to Operate a VRS Call Center [02/27/2003]

CSD and Sprint Offer First 24 Hours Video Relay Service [01/20/2003]

CSD Opens Three New Outreach Offices [01/20/2003]

Deaf Expo™ Shines For Tenth Anniversary [12/27/2002]

CSD Launches Domestic Violence Project in Oklahoma [11/20/2002]

Lori Breslow Named New Senior Executive at CSD [11/18/2002]

Domestic Violence Project [11/15/2002]

South Carolina Relay Center Celebrates Grand Opening [11/13/2002]

Brandi Rarus Joins CSD as CMO [10/25/2002]

Apodaca Recives Award [10/23/2002]

Tenth Anniversary Show [10/23/2002]

CSD Expands Service Coverage with Opening of Oklahoma Office [10/23/2002]

New CSD TRS Center to Open in Columbia, S.C. [09/20/2002]

Minnesota Relay Service and CSD of North Dakota Celebrate Grand Opening of New Facility [09/16/2002]

CSD and Carroll Institute Collaborate to Provide Drug and Alcohol Programs [09/16/2002]

CSD of South Dakota Appoints Richard Postl as New Division Director [09/16/2002]

CSD and Borders Bookstore Collaborate to Celebrate Deaf Awareness Week [09/16/2002]

Melody Tsai Named USADSF Home Office Administrator [09/13/2002]

CSD of Maryland Hosts Open House Event in Frederick [09/13/2002]

Pager Answering Service Now Offered by CSD [08/01/2002]

Deaf Expo™ Celebrates 10th Show [07/22/2002]

Former 4-H Campground Acquired by CSD [07/01/2002]

W. Scot Atkins to Receive the 2002 Distinguished Alumnus Award From NTID [06/28/2002]

CSD Opens New Interpreting Office in Colorado [06/21/2002]

CSD of Minnesota Receives Cancer Prevention and Research Grant [05/24/2002]

CSD Sponsors 46th Biennial NAD Conference [05/22/2002]

CSD of Texas Opens Branch Office in San Antonio [05/01/2002]

First National Video Relay Service Debuts for Deaf CSD partners with Sprint for web-based assistive technology [05/01/2002]

Mark Seeger Joins CSD Executive Team [03/29/2002]

CSD to Support International Deaf Way II Celebration at Gallaudet University [03/21/2002]

CSD Extends Services to the State of Maryland [03/21/2002]

Experience the Freedom of Video Relay Service Nationwide! [03/21/2002]

CSD and USA Deaf Sports Federation Announce Partnership [03/01/2002]

CSD´s Health Education Program Implements OraSure Testing for HIV/AIDS [01/15/2002]

CSD Acquires Deaf Expo™ Show And Other EFTC Assets [12/07/2001]