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Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) enable standard voice telephone users to talk to people who have difficulty hearing or speaking on the telephone. Under Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act, all telephone companies must provide free relay services either directly or through state programs throughout the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and all of the U.S. territories. CSD, in a partnership with Sprint, is the nation's leading TRS provider.

TRS uses operators, called "communications assistants" (CAs), to facilitate telephone calls for people who have difficulty hearing or speaking, and other individuals. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules require telephone companies to provide TRS nationwide on a 24 hour-a-day, 7 day a week basis, at no extra cost to callers. Conversations are relayed in real-time and CAs are not permitted to disclose the content of any conversation. Relay callers are not limited in the type, length, or nature of their calls. (Excerpt from

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Video Relay Services with Videophones and TV

CSD and its partners launched the first nationwide video relay service (VRS) in 2000, later branding it CSDVRS.

VRS is a unique offering for those who feel most comfortable expressing themselves through American Sign Language (ASL). This innovative solution allows deaf and hard of hearing consumers to communicate on the telephone with hearing callers through a live video interpreter. The video interpreter signs the telephone conversation to an ASL user — via the Internet and a webcam or videophone — and voices what is signed to a hearing person using a standard telephone.

In 2006, CSD spun off CSDVRS to become a stand-alone, for-profit VRS provider. This new company was relocated to Clearwater, Fla., and today, consumers know it as The Z™. For more information on The Z™, go to or dial (888) 888-1116 to place a ZVRS call now.

Internet Relay in Computer and Pager.

TTYs keep everyone talking—but they don't fit in your pocket. With Sprint IP Relay(SM) you don't have to let location or equipment accessibility limit your ability to make Sprint IP Relay(SM) calls, because you can place a call from any Internet connection with a computer or wireless device that has AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) access. Sprint IP Relay is a free service that combines traditional relay service with the simplicity and convenience of the Internet.

Simply point your browser to and begin typing your conversation to a Sprint Relay operator. If you are a Federal employee, go to

For more information, go to

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