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CSD's Mentoring Program (Only Available in South Dakota)

Established in 1975 to provide interpreters to the Sioux Falls' deaf community, interpreting is the sole reason CSD is here today. Today, CSD provides interpreting referral services in many states around the nation, not only Sioux Falls, S.D.. Part of that commitment to providing interpreters is ensuring that the interpreters provided are the highest quality possible.

CSD's mentoring program is an opportunity for a new interpreter to learn from an experienced interpreter. Working together on a one on one basis, the novice interpreter is paired with an experienced interpreter so they have a source of support, access to information critical for their continued growth, a smoother entry into the interpreting profession, and expert feedback. While not a substitution for a formal interpreter training program, CSD's mentoring program is used to augment the skills the novice interpreter already owns. Mentees also have access to deaf mentors, along with language model mentors and ASL experts.

For more information about CSD's mentoring program, please contact Lisa Fowler (