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CSD employees are invested in the field of community interpreting — many of us are deaf or hard of hearing. We understand the importance of ensuring effective communication by the use of highly qualified sign language interpreters. We have a passion for contributing to greater opportunities for access, independence and awareness for deaf and hard of hearing because of our personal encounter with the barriers to accessibility. Who better to support the communication needs of those in need than those who have overcome barriers themselves? We are you. We serve you.

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CSD Community Interpreting Website - South DakotaCSD Community Interpreting Website - TexasCSD Community Interpreting Website - Minnesota

CSD Interpreting Online Interpreting Online allows deaf and hard of hearing people to communicate in sign language with a hearing person in the same room using a remote live video interpreter (VI) via special video equipment such as a web-cam or a videophone connected to an advanced Internet network. This service is convenient when a community-based interpreter is not readily available at the time or location. Interpreting Online is a supplement to community-based interpreting for remote areas, high-demand situations and provides resources where there is a need. CSD provides a total communication solution that includes contingency plans for every possible communication need, and Interpreting Online is a component of that solution.

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