CSD Timeline



CSD Main Office Location: South Dakota School for the Deaf closet, later moved to the mail room


  • Office opened on November 1
  • Interpreting Program established




CSD Main Office Location: Three offices on second floor (above Perkins) at 106 South Indiana Avenue


  • TTY Repair Program established
  • Sign Language Training Program established
  • Limited TTY Interpreting Service (the precursor of USA Relay) established on January 5




CSD Main Office Location: Six offices at 800 South Cliff Avenue


  • First broadcast of “A Sign of the Times” (educational TV program for the deaf)
  • RID chapter established to provide interpreter training workshops
  • First Deaf Awareness Week program held in South Dakota
  • First edition of CSD Newsletter published




CSD Main Office Location: 1109 East 14th Street


  • Advocacy Program established




CSD Main Office Location: 114 South Main Street


  • Legal Aid for the Deaf Program established (funding exhausted in 1981)




CSD Main Office Location: 421 South Lewis Avenue


  • Elderly Deaf Services Program established




  • Deaf Action Center established
  • 24-Hour TTY Interpreter Service provided in Sioux Falls




  • Community Education Program established
  • Maple Creek Apartment opened (in conjunction with TPCO) for low income/elderly deaf residents




  • Independent Living Program established
  • Social Services Program established




  • Branch office established in Rapid City, S.D. on June 1




  • Adult Basic Education Program established
  • Mental Health Program established in conjunction with McKennan Hospital
  • Info-Text Service for the deaf (the precursor to captioned news) established




  • Job Training Program established
  • Interpreter Training Program established at Kilian Community College




CSD Main Office Location: 3520 Gateway Lane


  • Deaf center established to provide recreational and training services
  • Statewide toll free TTY relay services established
  • CSD established as a polling (voting) site for Precinct 10-2 by the City of Sioux Falls




  • Evergreen Place Apartment opened, providing residential and assisted living services for severely disabled deaf
  • Outdoor electronic images sign installed




  • Equipment Distribution Program established, funded by HB 1234: SD Telephone Bill Surcharges
  • Expanded statewide TTY relay services




  • Deaf center established in Rapid City, S.D. to provide recreational and training services
  • S.D. Relay Service annex built on to Sioux Falls Deaf Center
  • Co-hosted the first National Conference on Quality Education for Deaf Children in Sioux Falls, S.D. (with the South Dakota School for the Deaf)




  • Branch office established in Aberdeen, S.D. on September 1
  • Branch office established in Pierre (currently referral services only)
  • Alcohol and Drug Program established
  • American Sign Language Consulting Program established in conjunction with South Dakota State Office of Special Education
  • State Special Education Consultant Program established in conjunction with South Dakota State Office of Special Education
  • Co-hosted first National Symposium on Childhood Deafness in Sioux Falls, S.D. (with the South Dakota School for the Deaf)




  • Partnership established with Sprint Relay Service, serving South Dakota and Wyoming




  • Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Program established
  • Interpreter Mentoring Program established
  • Branch office established in Fargo, N.D.
  • Expanded relay services to include Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota and Oklahoma





  • Purchased western part of South Dakota School for the Deaf campus and historical buildings:
    • Simpson/French Hall renovated to CSD administrative offices
    • Grinde Hall renovated to 15 apartment units
    • Olde School renovated to 27 apartment units
    • Krohn Hall renovated to a state-of-the-art telecommunications relay center
  • Branch office established in Council Bluffs, Iowa to provide TEDP administration
  • Real-time captioning services were first offered
  • First issue of SDAD News was published




  • Expanded relay services to include California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Texas
  • Branch office established in Yankton, S.D. on June 1
  • Remote relay center established in Lubbock, TX on September 1
  • South Dakota Relay Center moved to new location on former SDSD campus site in June
  • Olde Grinde Apartment opened in September
  • Former Siouxland Lutheran Church for the Deaf building was purchased
  • First Issue of The CSD Communicator published




CSD Main Office Location: Administrative Office moved to 102 North Krohn Place and Sioux Falls Branch Office remained at 3520 Gateway Lane


  • Expanded relay services to include Minnesota, Montana and Oregon
  • Relay center established in Moorhead, Minn. on December 16, with an MRS Consumer Relations Office established in St. Paul
  • CSD Administrative Offices moved to new location on former SDSD Campus site in April
  • Employment Services established in Council Bluffs, Iowa




  • Relay center established in Syracuse, N.Y. on August 27
  • Expanded relay services to include New York
  • South Dakota Deaf Heritage/Historical Program established
  • Youth Program established



  • Branch office established in Austin, Texas on January 1
  • Branch office established in East Point, Ga. on January 1
  • D E A F, Inc. integrated as new branch office in St. Paul, Minn. on December 1
  • Relay center established in Moraine, Ohio on April 9
  • Visual Communications Program established (incorporating the interpreting and captioning departments)
  • Expanded relay services to include Arizona, Ohio, South Carolina and Washington
  • First Midwest Deaf Youth Camp held (near Sioux Falls, S.D.)
  • Interpreting services established in Lubbock, Texas
  • Miss Deaf South Dakota Program Incorporated with CSD Youth Program
  • Georgia Sensory Rehabilitation Center became Georgia Resources Center for the Deaf and Blind




  • Relay center established in Tucson, Ariz. on January 11
  • Real-time captioning first used for Sioux Falls, S.D. local evening news on KELO-TV
  • First Midwest Deaf Youth Leadership Retreat held
  • B.I.G Program established to match deaf youth with positive deaf adult role models
  • Video Remote Interpreting trials held
  • Co-hosted second National Symposium on Childhood Deafness in Sioux Falls, SD (with National Association of the Deaf)
  • Hanwave Interpreting Services of Austin, TX merged with CSD of Texas
  • First issue of Horizons published, replacing the CSD Communicator
  • First issue of Deaf Youth Living published




  • Expanded relay services to include Illinois, North Carolina, Utah and Florida
  • Branch office established in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on April 7
  • Equipment Distribution Program call center established in Stockton, Calif. on    June 30
  • Domestic Violence Program/Hotline established in Minnesota
  • South Dakota Deaf Cultural Heritage Museum established in Sioux Falls, S.D.
  • First issue of Deaf Youth Connections published, replacing Deaf Youth Living
  • Re-awarded contract to provide relay services in Texas
  • Research and Development Unit established in January
  • Internet-based video interpreting services established in conjunction with Sorenson Vision, Inc.
  • Construction began on additional office space for CSD Administrative (Simpson) Building




  • Branch office established in Madison, Wis. on March 1
  • Branch office established in Tulsa, Okla. on July 1
  • Hosted the TDI Conference on July 7-11 in Sioux Falls, S.D.
  • Hosted the U.S. Deaf Golf Association tournament on July 10-13 in Sioux Falls, SD
  • Partnered with Avera McKennan Hospital (Sioux Falls, S.D.) to begin providing video interpreting
  • Completed additional office space for CSD Administrative Building (Simpson) on April 23




  • E.F.T.C. and Deaf Expo acquired on Feb. 4
  • Expanded relay services to include Alaska
  • Branch offices established in Lubbock and Waco, Texas
  • Branch office established in Frederick, Md. on March 1
  • Partnered with Sprint to begin providing national web-based video relay services on May 1
  • Branch office established in San Antonio, Texas on May 1
  • CSD and USA Deaf Sports Federation partnership formed
  • Supported international Deaf Way II Celebration in Washington, DC
  • Interpreting office established in Denver, Colo. on July 1
  • VRS Center in Denver, Colo. established on July 9
  • Camp Lakodia acquired on July 1
  • Relay center established in Columbia, S.C. on September 23
  • Pager Answering Services launched
  • CSD of Oklahoma and CSD of Minnesota received federal grants for domestic violence programs
  • Minnesota Relay Center relocated on Feb. 16
  • CSD of Wisconsin relocated in June
  • VRS Center in Seattle, Wa. established on Oct. 9
  • Branch office established in Tyler, Texas on Nov. 1
  • VRS Center in Washington, D.C. established on Dec. 26




  • CSD and Sprint Offered First 24-hour a day, 7 days a week video relay services
  • VRS Center in Rochester, N.Y. established on January 24
  • VRS Center in Houston, Texas established on Feb. 4
  • VRS Center in Chicago, Ill. established on June 11
  • Supported 14th World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf
  • South Carolina Relay Center named Job Creator of the Year
  • Branch office established in Columbus, Ohio on April 1
  • Obtained CARF accreditation for South Dakota and Iowa
  • Outreach Office established in Dallas, Texas in February
  • Outreach Office established in Las Vegas, Nev. in February
  • Outreach Office established in Washington, D.C. in February
  • Relay center established in Honolulu, Hi. on July 1
  • Deaf Expo on East Coast on May 30
  • Grinde Hall converted into CSD offices on June 1
  • National Middlers Leadership and Literacy Camp at Camp Lakodia
  • Telephone Outreach Program established on July 1
  • CSD’s First Circle of Excellence on August 20
  • First Annual CSD Golf Classic on September 9
  • USAVRS.com changed to SprintVRS.com on October 1
  • SIGNews, a monthly subscription-based newspaper for the signing community, established on October 1
  • CSD Logo becomes registered trademark on October 21
  • Debut of “No Talking Allowed”, CSD-TV’s first in-house short film production on November 4




  • CSD of Wisconsin Awarded $40,000 Video Relay Service Grant on January 7
  • CSD of Wisconsin Presented Foundations of Interpreting on February 23
  • Alamo Joins Forces with CSD of Texas-San Antonio on May 12
  • Second Annual Deaf Expo™ Show On East Reflects Quality of Life for Deaf Americans on May 25
  • CSD Streamlined Services and Formed National Programs on July 16
  • CSD Launches New Marketing Campaign: It's All About Passion, on August 11
  • Mentorship Initiative to Increase Pool of Certified Interpreters on August 19
  • CSD Nominated for Global Call Center of the Year Award on August 23
  • CSD Created 250-300 New Jobs in California on September 2




  • CSD launched CSDVRS on March 31
  • NTID announced a new building, CSD Student Development Center on April 14
  • Relay center established in Jacksonville, Fla. on May 31
  • Multi-Media Contact Center established in Sioux Falls, S.D.
  • CSD appointed regional provider on Federal Emergency Preparedness Grant
  • CSD and America Online joined forces to provide more friendly customer support to AOL members who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired
  • New Visitors Center opens at the headquarters on July 7
  • British Deaf Association and CSD unveiled the first video relay service center on August 23
  • CSD provided support and assistance in wake of Hurricane Katrina in August
  • CSD celebrated its 30th anniversary on November 1
  •  “Seeing a Need” book was unveiled at the gala in recognition of CSD’s 30th anniversary
  • CSD named the building “Buckmaster Building in honor of John and Nancy Buckmaster, long time deaf advocates November 1
  • CSD selected to provide 24-hour emergency interpreting support for Minnesota Hospital Consortium on November 1
  • CSDVRS introduced new features: 24/7 services, enhanced VCO and sign language to Spanish in November




  • CSD and C.E.O. Benjamin Soukup Honored for Three Sioux Falls Business Awards on January 6
  • CSD and Augustana College Collaborate for Sign Language Interpreter Program on January 25
  • CSD Awarded Department of Justice Grant in Oklahoma on February 3
  • Cedar Rapids Foundation Award Enhances CSD’s Health Education and Outreach on February 14
  • CSD of Maryland First Annual Golf Classic to Benefit Health Literacy on February 17
  • CSD Gold Sponsor of the 2007 Winter Deaflympics on February 20
  • CSD of North Dakota Awarded Grant to Help America Vote on March 3
  • World Federation of the Deaf and CSD Form Partnership on April 27
  • CSD of Minnesota Awarded Department of Justice Grant on May 4
  • CSD of Minnesota Awarded Department of Human Services Contract on July 12
  • Golf Tournaments and Poker Runs Support Deaf Youth and Other Deaf Programs on July 14
  • CSD Awarded Grant From San Antonio Area Foundation on August 3
  • CSD Awarded Grant From Avera Health on October 3
  • CSD Announced New Spin-Off Venture Known as CSDVRS on December 14




  • CSD web site launched with focus on sign language in February
  • CSD partnered with BarZ Adventures to give virtual sign language tours in Austin, Texas in February
  • CSD was chosen as a National Interpreter Certification Supersite
  • Deaf Advocacy Training Grant was awarded to complete a national survey of deaf consumers
  • CSD of Ohio provided resource web site with signed and captioned mental health videos
  • First public access videophone (PAV) installed at the Chicago Airport System in July
  • CSD of Oklahoma implemented the free Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline for deaf and hard of hearing smokers and tobacco users
  • AmeriCorp Volunteers performed an endless list of maintenance tasks at Camp Lakodia in Septemeber
  • CSD-TV launched “For Your Eyes” and “Spice Up”




  • CSD Joined Efforts to Draft New Video and TV Programming Legislation on January 24
  • CSD's Ongoing Support of Internet Accessibility Legislation Reaches House of Representatives on June 20
  • CSD and BarZ Adventures Partner to Bring Deaf and Hard of Hearing Friendly Tours to Venues across the Country on June 25
  • Top Middle School and High School Students Participated in the National Leadership and Literacy Camp for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Youth on June 27
  • Philadelphia's Independence Visitor Center Launched Multimedia Sign Language Tour on July 21
  • CSD’s Charity Golf Classic Raised $25K for Summer Youth Program on September 3
  • CSD Launched “Centers of Excellence” on September 5
  • Deaf Awareness Week and International Day of Signed Languages celebrated on September 24
  • CSD of Texas-Waco Established Video Interpreting Center on October 7
  • CSD Featured on Deaf Nation on October 22
  • CSD and the Sioux Empire Tobacco Free Coalition Partnered to Caption Ads for Local Movie Theaters on December 4




  • CSD was awarded $1.1 million FCC Grant to implement national awareness campaign about the country’s transition to digital television (DTV) on January 5
  • CSD of Texas-San Antonio Opened a DTV Assistance Center on January 4
  • CSD launched a Help Center (call center) and a new DTV Web site on February 9
  • CSD Partners to Create Survey to Address Nationwide DTV Related Captioning Issues
  • CSD and Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Partner to Prepare Teens and Parents for "School-to-Work" Transition
  • CSD Holds Charity Golf Classic to Raise Funds for Summer Youth Program
  • CSD of Minnesota Earns Gordon Allen Community Award