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Advocacy Programs

CSD of South Dakota provides a wide array of community programs and services that offer increased independence and greater opportunities for deaf and hard–of–hearing individuals.

Advocacy programs-IL: Independent living services are based on the belief that disability is a natural part of the human experience and in no way diminishes the right of individuals to live independently; enjoy self-determination; make choices; contribute to society; pursue meaningful careers; and enjoy full inclusion and integration in the economic, political, social, cultural and educational mainstream of our society. Based on individualized consumer goals and needs, a variety of services are provided, including independent living skills training, peer support/counseling, self-advocacy, technical assistance, education, outreach activities, referral and more.

Community Education Classes: Tailored to each individual's or group's need(s), this service typically includes health literacy training, community prevention, peer support, self-help, and self-advocacy on health issues such as alcohol and drug abuse prevention, practicing healthy lifestyles, and preventing or managing diabetes.

Transportation/Recreation programs for Senior Citizens: Deaf or hard-of-hearing senior citizens have access to a transportation service that shuttles them to and from certain activities, medical appointments, etc.

Community ASL Classes






Telephone Equipment and Distribution Program

The statewide Equipment Distribution Program provides accessible telecommunications equipment to deaf, hard–of–hearing, deaf–blind, and individuals with speech impairments who face difficulties communicating on the telephone. Special equipment such as text telephone, phone signalers, and amplified phone is available at no cost through a voucher program to enhance telephone communication.

Amplified Phones

Dialogue Cordless CL-40 Ameriphone Dialogue XL-30
Walker 900 Cordless Ameriphone Dialogue XL-40
Vtech Cordless Ameriphone Dialogue XL-50
Speakerphone Ameriphone Dialogue VCO
Uniphone 1000 Uniphone 1140
Ultratec Captel  

Add on Products

Mini Print 425 Superprint Pro 80 LVD
Superprint 4425 Ultratec EZ Com Pro
Miniprint 225  


Super Loud Ringer (SR 100) Dual Jack
Super Alert Signaler (TR 55) Batteries
Ameriphone Dialogue XL-50
Ameriphone Dialogue XL-50
Uniphone 1140
Uniphone 1140
Ultratec EZ Com Pro
Ultratec EZ Com Pro
Phone Ring Signaler
Clear N Loud Phone Ring Signaler
CapTel telephone

Learn about the full range of available TEDP communications products and to fill out an application form at Relay South Dakota.


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